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Ideally located in the heart of Guangzhou, with the Pearl River to the south and Yuexiu Mountain to the north, Guangzhou Hotel enjoys superb location with easy access to the city. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Guangzhou Hotel was known to the country as the highest building in China and was the landmark of city. We were among the first three-star hotels granted the status to host foreign guests in 1989. The property covers...More>>

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  • blairjy
    Hotel is old but nice, go out the subway station is close to the road from Beijing shopping super convenient, eat well, strongly recommended.
  • E00663239
    Environment around the hotel, but the hotel was old.
  • andrey7
    Choose a non-smoking floor, although a bit older but still very quiet, also did not see people smoking in the floor. hotel buffets at the top, very good view, but the breakfast mainly breakfast checkout process was too complicated, it checked twice just to sign. to sum up, hotels in Nice, but individual process should be improved and managed to keep up with the details.
  • tmdjjww
    Service very good! from the Pearl River close! play Pearl River night very convenient! subway on the side, very convenient! to live again; but the ointment is not to force the network!
  • alvin84530
    Very good location, in Line 6 subway line e haizhu Plaza exit, transport facilities, one subway stop to Beijing Road pedestrian street. Jiefang bridge in haizhu bridge can be seen in the evening and very nice, overall not bad
  • gyb200
    Lots also good, compared find, front desk manager is enthusiasm introduced all play attractions. but rooms service personnel attitude to be improved, night sleep Shi found quilt cover somewhat similar small spot of dirty things, called rooms service for quilt cover, a face of not happy, later is barely of also is for has quilt cover, in for quilt cover process in the with Guangdong words himself, we also not know said what, because listening to not understand Guangdong words.
  • liuyuan12123
    During the Canton trade fair stay, good location, close to the Pearl River and the subway. Beijing Road is very near, breakfast a little less
  • Betty_ baby
    Description when booking travel agent will return to around three days later 15% price but so far not materialized.
  • Cloud518
    Although hotel, safe and clean, and convenient transportation.
  • Celinerxj
    Is located in 2# line haizhu square of e export, on in Metro export next, travel quite convenient. in room can see get is wide of Riverview, Pearl River night is beautiful, bridge Shang and the on both sides of of lighting decorated have is beauty. This is a old hotel, although appearance old some, facilities also not is new, but is clean, live with is comfortable. hotel on has several between restaurant, dinner tea are is convenient. front desk service also is good, general feel is good, very worth recommended.
  • e00243312
    The good location of the hotel, decorated slightly a little bit old, upstairs in the hotel price. in General is pretty good.
  • m01817777
    Good location, clean
  • cloudf5
    OK, easy to eat
  • e00377701
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • peggy_pj214
    Level location, transport, landscape ... Truth said that the hotel is a bit old, upgrading yourself!
  • jolin_0902
    Hai Zhu square, River right down in the Beijing Road, 15 minutes ' walk.
  • dobigxwj
    Hotel facilities are old and mainly shower too hard, good spurt water everywhere but cannot adjust water pressure, but convenient, individual customer service desk a bad attitude.
  • lijinfeng007
    Good location, convenient. rooms old, after all, is an old hotel.
  • c.jun
    Loved this hotel, look out the landscape, there's so much!
  • even75
    That's good
  • caiyi0601
    Price is too low, 458 of the tattered. carpet looks dirty, facilities are shabby. cancel my order not even a phone call not to call me, not even a sense of service.
  • anning
  • rc203
    It's OK.
  • swdr197981
    Interior is not so good, the traffic is very convenient
  • maxell
    Room 1911
  • al2ping
    From offices close generally satisfactory
  • leisurelive
    Basically because of the familiar so get here just like at home
  • e00050786
    Asked to seal the box with the tape say no! surprise!
  • BingoBin
  • e03799154
    Small room, good location, Metro right outside the gate, facing the haizhu square.
  • apollobobo
    Feel Inn, because clause is called superior city view room, heard the beauty that you have been cheated when the elevator, 13/f, are the worst. children's eyes instantly ... There was a nice hotel right opposite, near Metro station, exit e to a, if recommended staying in business zone of the area.
  • m00204835
    Hotel in Nice surroundings well, continue to the next clause
  • fr0306
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • gu138
    Convenient, close to Metro, parks, attractions, Pearl
    location is good as 2 subway lines is within 2 mins walking distance. but hotel is really really old and room is dirty, very dirty. i hate to say servie is bad. food upstairs is soso.
  • Jen Le Tour
    Pretty good
  • lya15681
    Insufficient memory space also too lazy to delete, this place is in the subway e 5 m ... Special times! Wan Ling square around 5 minutes ... Special times! don't take notice of the subway asking you for not staying in a hotel, give you a quote to be more than 200 is better than opening the 299 special times! the Ambassador felt
  • JonsonEmma
    Location is very good, where is very convenient. facilities are generally a bit dated.
  • dagui408729
    Facilities, and convenient transportation.
  • duoduo
    The subway, shopping, food and drink, is very convenient for play
  • E05598975
    Is the equipment is too old, and others are good! the location, the price is very high.
  • lw_10000
    Hotel location is very good, go to Beijing road within walking distance, is the facility slightly old
  • liyudong_23
    Really good, Oh, from Metro Line 2 exit B3 line directly to the classical lobby, very convenient
  • Feelgood
    Hotel location is very good, on the subway, very convenient, next to a wholesale shoe market, buy a couple of pairs of shoes are cheap, hotel facilities are too old!
  • cometlnfe
    All right
  • larawang
    Ease of access, Metro station and the Airport Express bus is 10 meters nearby, all the wholesale market (100 m), eating, shopping, night skiing is a short walk from the river's edge
  • jingling
    One, easy enough.
  • bolo1980
    First worth said of is location really of is good, Metro out on can see Guangzhou hotel, opposite is haizhu square, not far is can shopping of Beijing Road. for staying, because wants to see Riverview, so set has Riverview room, but room is is in corridor of end. not fans not superstition, room in on has is big of dust taste, feel is long no people live had, so for has room. at to see Riverview, more fill has more than 200 more block for to has another a between can see Riverview of yourGuest rooms. change room, view facilities or something really good, comfort many. but more than 700 rooms, and so must the. If not to see the River, Guangzhou Hotel blocks can no more than 700 live in the comfortable rooms.
  • asdm64
    Very comfortable
  • e03352627
    Yes, but guests do not provide parking spaces.