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Ideally located in the heart of Guangzhou, with the Pearl River to the south and Yuexiu Mountain to the north, Guangzhou Hotel enjoys superb location with easy access to the city. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Guangzhou Hotel was known to the country as the highest building in China and was the landmark of city. We were among the first three-star hotels granted the status to host foreign guests in 1989. The property covers...More>>

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  • joyfox83111
    Good location clean
  • lijinyin
    Hotel location is very good, from very close to the West, to the railway station and the airport is very convenient. cost-effective ultra-high restaurant, dishes and desserts are very good. very quiet, hotel service is excellent value.
  • rena0607
    Plus our arrival into Jiang Jingfang (you can see views of the bridge), room size was great, but like I said before, outdated facilities lighting is too dark, affecting experience.
  • bigben909
    Properly completed, is the visitor to visit the Super trouble
  • fangliang0527
    Dining convenient, room facilities, price is expensive
  • leowu1974
    Accessibility, General, aging facilities.
  • FantasticRay
    Stayed many times, very good hotel, very comfortable and convenient transportation.
  • dairong0329
    Convenient facilities are old, tea-kitchen on the third floor action is too slow, too long.
  • nandesiga
    1, location excellent, haizhu square is in front, the right hand Road about ten minutes is the Cathedral of the sacred heart, left the road about ten minutes is Beijing Road. by the door is the subway station, where convenient. in particular, catch a plane, line Line 2, get off at the same stop, opposite the Line 3 line, take the end of the airport. done in an hour. 2, sold around eating very much, very convenient. 3, in front of 100 meters is the Huangpu River, because of the high hotel building, facing the Huangpu River, the sceneryWhich is very nice. 4, old hotel facilities old, faucet is loose, basin water is unsuitable.
  • freewind365
    Good location, hotel is very simple
  • a67336207
    Hotel is convenient, the service is good, but older facilities, so although health was still in place, but it feels a little less ... overall is quite good.
  • sallyapple
    OK, old facilities
  • Miaoer33
    Higher prices, outdated facilities, but health and services can, mostly traffic is very convenient, so it will be.
  • asumb
    Hotel, service is not said, but was too old, very old.
  • goodxtc
    Very good
  • Loretta_liang
    Help a friend scheduled, it will also,
  • jlp01
    Locations can also, the hotel is too old, room had a smell ... next time not to live,
  • bee601
    Convenient, easy to eat, big room. is the facility aged. next business trip choose Guangzhou hotel
  • angela_318
    A very good environment, good location, Metro station is the hotel, very close to the River, through the Park is in the room can see Riverview, recommended.
  • Cf010789
    Very old hotel, we stayed in a Deluxe, moldy bathroom walls, a musty room, kind of drop. but friend stayed in room very good luck!
  • godbao
    It feels good, good, comfortable
  • e00081289
    Well, many times, going live
  • Jeffie
    Very good location, go out the Metro station, not far from the bus stop opposite the hotel, the traffic is very convenient. great service attitude is good. facilities and some old, but health is very clean.
  • wuyinyin_ya
    All right
  • dolly19
    Hotel equipment update better!
  • appletrip
    That's good
  • e00685710
    Free upgrade to a suite, landscape good, room is big enough, decoration, old, old hotel, don't upgrade 488 a little expensive
  • E01966438
    Surrounding environment
  • provence125
    Good location, airport bus stop on the opposite side, wherever convenient, downstairs there are subways., 25/f, breakfast is very good, reserve a room without breakfast, myself to a single point.
  • PPLL6493
    It wasn't too bad
  • AndyAndyAndy
    Subway is very convenient, is afraid of rain. There are many restaurants, Dim sum.
  • friendman163
    Advantages of transport catering, shortcomings; old rooms facilities, renovation of old, high prices
  • bin.~
    Good location, service and facilities
  • yangxuebaowa
    Used to living here, can feel, very convenient
  • senceres
    Business trip to Guangzhou, MTR Exit B3 is easy, toilet, toilet cover paint has faded to tabby, changed all the
  • jjy1003
    Environment is very good, is the device a bit dated
  • tigergaoyan
    The location of the hotel is very good, very close to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, hotel entrance on the subway, have direct access to the high speed rail station ... hotel is an old hotel, the facility is a bit old.
  • clover_cc
    Clean and hygienic
  • barebone
    Reliable place is still very good
  • e02883205
    Good location, convenient transportation, Metro e is, surrounded by places to eat also, hotel facilities, much worse than the picture, the level of the average guest house.
  • fatalerr
    Guangzhou most living here, has lived the Riverview room. the booked city view room, have to say city view and river view difference is too great, and later is to maintain the Riverview room
  • ibmapples
    Facilities are old, service is an extremely bad
  • e01954207
    Location is very good, the subway exit directly to the door, and is also close to Beijing Road, lobby attendants while busy is good, it is worth staying.
    8 years later, I still choose to live in Guangzhou hotel, Guangzhou hotel, convenient, and watch Pearl River at night, shopping is very convenient, and the service good, worthy brand in Guangzhou, so 8 years ago stay fresh, this time in Guangzhou, would not hesitate to choose to stay in Guangzhou hotel
  • Super Ultra
    Have been staying, and convenient transportation, good service, clean rooms, very satisfied! is the weekend price is too high, it is recommended that adjustments, it is hard to and around new competition.
  • xlydyf
    Hotel best is the location, on the subway, easy access, the price is not expensive, old facilities but the quality is OK, not very soundproof can hear the voices of the corridor, may is a holiday, slow to focus and check in check out.
  • feifapo
  • Selin
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • A2009227765
    First late staying of room, cannot with old described, is super rotten to like dangerous. staying Shi has midnight 12 points, children has trapped of open not eyes. on make do has a late, second days morning to front desk requirements for room, front desk Miss let I added money for has VIP room, was is difference, even sheets quilt of new old degree are poor many, this is three star standard. everyone remember don't set most cheap of that room, too terrorist. traffic sat Metro and airport bus very convenient.
  • catone_dogone
    Location is very convenient, but low quality of individual service personnel at the front desk, hotel images. obviously complicate the simple things are not made, the quality needs to be improved! other very good