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Ideally located in the heart of Guangzhou, with the Pearl River to the south and Yuexiu Mountain to the north, Guangzhou Hotel enjoys superb location with easy access to the city. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Guangzhou Hotel was known to the country as the highest building in China and was the landmark of city. We were among the first three-star hotels granted the status to host foreign guests in 1989. The property covers...More>>

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  • e00602421
    Line 6 subway exit b very close, very convenient, service was very good, but the outdated facilities, may be the cause of hotel too old, the overall feeling is, can recommend.
  • Selin
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • julie311
    Transportation, meals, the show is very convenient, subway pass airport
  • ailuyasa
    Good location, convenient, located in the Metro line, second Line 6 interchange, near public transport
  • anitajiajia
    Didn't take much cash they cannot credit card
  • georgewww
    Great location, modern facilities and in Line 2 line. Riverview room view is fabulous. third floor Dim sum and authentic Cantonese cuisine!
  • Feelgood
    Hotel location is very good, on the subway, very convenient, next to a wholesale shoe market, buy a couple of pairs of shoes are cheap, hotel facilities are too old!
  • aillenyue
    Hotel is very good, the environment is graceful, thoughtful service, front desk was so beautiful!
  • liumei81
    All right
  • Icelady
    Conveniently, Metro interchange, second, sixth, business hotels, rapid check in and check out, close to local restaurants, and near the Park, public transport, international hotel
  • jiaxi
    Very clean, safe, and convenient hotel, in front of Metro and airport bus Line 5 line directly.
  • bulljiang
    Well, check-in was smooth, great service!
  • tigergaoyan
    The location of the hotel is very good, very close to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, hotel entrance on the subway, have direct access to the high speed rail station ... hotel is an old hotel, the facility is a bit old.
  • liulingling2616
    Metro edge, very convenient
  • ad50243642
    Is good, mainly location is great!
  • angonggong
    Transportation is convenient, a Metro to the hotel, very convenient for free visitors!
  • yuntbella
    Took the traffic is convenient, easy to eat and purchase all around, is the old hotel facilities
  • jls7788250
    Old lives here, mainly from the traveling places near, more convenient.
  • anning
  • e00172711
    Nice hotel conveniently located shopping also facilitates building a little longer
    Conveniently out of the subway to the recommended
  • jam0704
    Good, good, last came to Guangzhou is also live here
  • lyuuibj
    Too, is a bit old, and old-school seems to be a change, close to Beijing Road is also good, health, Metro is also more convenient, worthy of our praise
  • nuonuoxiong
    Old hotel, facilities than the old, but health is very good, can see the Pearl River at night, checkout too dragging, still round, for a long time without need for wards hotel. special facilities, downstairs is the subway, which is very convenient!
  • cantus
    Location is good, the traffic is very convenient, but rooms are old, older facilities.
  • joe-de
    I feel pretty good!
  • fencerboss
    Like Metro station close to the outdoors is really convenient, eat you so well, you can not eat here
  • alienova
    Old restaurants, have a sense of time, surrounded by convenient subway and Beijing Road
  • FJ2-MT
    Area is very convenient, is a subway station in room space adequate enough, just a little older, bed fuel ectonomc start does not have enough support, this design was used for some time, bedside and electrical socket is even more convenient for convenience, also want to go back.
  • m33155297
    Good location
  • naniw
    Have lived a few years convenient and comfortable
  • e00530160
    Like love this hotel! but due to time constraints, only stayed one night ... a very good environment, very clean and a free room upgrade, Jiang Jingfang really comfortable! next time I go to live here!
  • Garyngym
    Very nice lobby, can wait until China-Hongkong bus
  • Lowin
    Hotel location is very good, service very good, parking, not free parking. hotel location in haizhu square on the edge of a good, service very good, parking is expensive and no free parking
  • cloudf5
    OK, easy to eat
  • aguo1027
    Old hotel, the key is 'old', the environment can be
  • eggnut
    Traffic convenience, on in Metro Line 2 line export at, is find, is this travel in the most satisfaction of place. a into room think has a unit mold taste, and Windows are is seal died of, fundamental no breathable ventilation of place. morning to Guangzhou station Hou to front desk phone whether can first left-luggage, front desk said can, to hotel Hou front desk reception actually said cannot, later registration Hou only let I left-, communication aspects to be improved.
  • D utterly
    Good location, convenient, Shang Xia JIU, stone house is close to the Cathedral. upstairs is native Guangzhou snacks, very convenient, guests can hit 90 percent, a good deal. hotel belonging to the old hotel, old facilities, but does not affect the residence, floor attendant was very good, staff in the lobby, is not very good.
  • jjjjjj
    Good location but poor service.
  • EVA00
    Pros: good location, on the subway, on line 2 and Line 6 of the export and service attitude is good. Shortcomings: front desk is easy not patience, are is face, card of when no put we of credit card put in we of sight range within, asked Hou not only no will card show out, let we relief, instead not patience of let we, about, attitude bad, even has anti-money-laundering of needs, also must put customer of card in customer of sight range within using, this is most basic of. This attitude wasn't good enough for the price, pay to see his face, it's slightly funny, not to go again.
  • grace_sxf
    Good location, convenient
  • biyingfei
    Hotel in the city centre and convenient transportation, comfortable hotel environment
  • Miaoer33
    Higher prices, outdated facilities, but health and services can, mostly traffic is very convenient, so it will be.
  • baoxm117
    Room so-so
  • crystall
    Metro just in front of the hotel very convenient!
  • besnest
    876 rates are really bad.
  • lilian922
    This is a silent Hotel equipment became obsolete and can't boil water in the room, only use thermos bottled water, it was all 80 guest house services. There are Sockets in the room are rarely, if the electronic products are no place to charge. parking is not free parking can stay fares 30 percent. to sum up later would not choose this hotel.
  • e03480491
    Hotel very good convenient accommodation is also good-gross errors like Oh. Next time will be the preferred-
  • jane318
    Hotel facilities old toilet power plug battery, 3 star hotel is definitely not good enough, barely 2 stars
  • gsyang
    Is located in 2# line haizhu square of e export, on in Metro export next, travel quite convenient. in room can see get is wide of Riverview, Pearl River night is beautiful, bridge Shang and the on both sides of of lighting decorated have is beauty. This is a old hotel, although appearance old some, facilities also not is new, but is clean, live with is comfortable. hotel on has several between restaurant, dinner tea are is convenient. front desk service also is good, general feel is good, very worth recommended