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Hotel intelligent core is to better service for the guests

Date: 2018-05-25

Hotel intelligent big data refers to the use of the Internet, the Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence technology initiative to identify, analyze all kinds of demand, convenient hotel management, meet the guest experience a technique or system.In recent years, with the development of science and technology, cloud computing, Internet of things, such as mobile communication technology matures, the hotel intelligent technology rapid development, intelligent system penetrated into all aspects of the hotel industry.How to correctly treat the intelligent technology, the author analyzes the thought from the following several aspects:

First of all, the intelligent function is increasingly significant.Practice has proved that the PMS system, hotel background management system, etc. The application of intelligent technology, the operation management of the hotel has played a positive role in promoting.Some emerging intelligent tools, such as self-help umbrella with system, self-help taxi system, self-help medical system, self-help invoice system, engineering control and cloud App data analysis system, etc., effectively alleviate the pressure of front desk department, to meet the personalized needs of guests, is advantageous for the control of the hotel background data analysis, this intelligent system, we should actively promote the use of to take the initiative to "claim kinship".

Second, the intelligent use of blind.In the "claim kinship" at the same time, we also see many of his peers were lost on the way of development of intelligent, very intelligent theory, theory of science and technology, for the sake of smart and intelligent, ignored the essence of the hotel industry.For example, some hotel room intelligent robot is equipped with, can offer floor hotel guests distribution items or simple room service.Scale in 300 rooms within the hotel, night shift was equipped with an employee, but because of equipped with intelligent robot, and much more to arrange an engineering technical personnel on duty, in order to ensure the normal operation of intelligent robots.As a result, not only the night floor need to be paid delivery no enhancement, but also spread to other departments for the attention of guests.Staff without saving, work efficiency is not improved, so that the intelligent is hotel need?Also some of the hotel is equipped with intelligent shower system, the guest want to take a hot bath, to spend ten minutes or even a few minutes to clear up the use of this equipment, not to mention the elderly and children.Again, guest room TV screen order system, the guests do you need?You don't have this system, it will be some people check in?With this system, the hotel will be the first choice for guests?After the system is equipped with, the dinner guest room number increased?Can increase the amount of original investment back?Also, once popular face recognition system, self-help the Checkin, smart door lock system, intelligent curtain system, etc., such as this is endless...

The author thought that the intelligent product just hotel increase exposure, to attract guests attention, a differential marketing tool.It's not for real ascension hotel work efficiency and improve guest hotel experience and satisfaction as the starting point, but only in the emphasis on science and technology, high-end, cool.In fact, many restaurants blind project intelligent product or system, a technology company "mice".The hotel itself wasn't improved work efficiency and benefit, but a boost technology company, a sample case.Such intelligence not only increase the cost of the hotel, hindered the rapid of service completed, artificially increase the workload of staff, and expectations.It can be said that this hotel was intelligent promotion company "kidnapping".

So, intelligent hotel is bad?Is not the case.A good intelligent hotel management system can bring convenience to guests, create profits for the hotel.Those who speak only technology innovation, ignore the guests convenient and interactive intelligence will only cause harm to the hotel, such as intelligent is definitely not what we need.Hotel is the most important service object to store the guests, at any time we have to put the guests feel in the first place, can't let the guest to adapt to the machine, but through the intelligence system brings convenience for guests.Such intelligent systems is the hotel, guests need.

Intelligence is the trend, is the trend.Hotel intelligent development can not be ignored, it is the developing direction of the industry.Intelligence itself is a double-edged sword, however, on the one hand can bring convenience to guests, bring benefits to the hotel;Intelligent systems, on the other hand, may also make guests experience under the influence of certain, bring unnecessary trouble to the guests.Is how to combine, practitioners need to think about important issues.

First of all, we have to actively embrace intellectualization.But for the choice of intelligent systems, but also careful.We should choose those to consumer demand as the starting point, the operator's control and analysis ability as the starting point of the product, avoid by all means is blind project, don't to do experiment and the victim, to learn to draw lessons from the successful case of the counterpart.Intelligent shall not deviate from the guests feel, don't need a fancy, don't need a gimmick, otherwise can not pay, too much of a good thing.

Second, intelligent are not a major demands of the guests, the guests' main demand was for safety, hygiene, comfort...Intelligent systems is to realize the core demands of guests auxiliary tools and means, rather than the purpose, in order to complete the smart and intelligent to do more harm than good.We can't be intelligent system "kidnapping", and we need to make good use of this tool, provides a more quick and efficient service to guests.

Is still in the end, the core of the hotel products and services, intelligent systems are tools, the purpose is to increase to store the guest's experience, so as to increase satisfaction.How to make use of intelligent, let the hotel staff to better service for the guests, this is the intelligent should focus on the aspect of the company, also need to identify.

In short, intelligent hotel this topic up to reheat, behind only three: the guests need, management and the need for technology companies.Guests need is participation, entertainment, management needs is a result of controllable degree and input, technology companies need is in the process of technology into productive forces which the industry is willing to "pay" for them.