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Qiongshan inspection site around the hotel price

Date: 2018-06-09

For security during the college entrance examination examination site around 2018 a standard price, create a harmonious environment test, according to the QiongShan district government work deployment, on June 4 to 5, QiongShan area price supervision and inspection bureau organization team in succession in the area under its jurisdiction QiongShan middle school examination and hainan middle school examination site 2 test around the hotel guest room price and a car park charges to carry out supervision and inspection.

Inspection team the group first go to hainan middle school school examination site slab bridge road, respectively to Lyle wave around shi, light long business hotel four hotels to carry out the inspection, such as focusing on the price of hotel rooms plain code marks a price the implementation.
According to the inspection, the price of guestrooms in guanglong business hotel on the 4th day ranges from 50 yuan to 268 yuan. There are different degrees of discount for night stay and online booking.
In the hotel, the inspectors found that the hotel operator did not price the guest rooms clearly. The inspectors urged the hotel manager to rectify the situation.

In addition, the inspection team conducted visits to the hotel and hotel along the street of longkun south road and the street of gaodeng west street around the test center of hainan middle school.
From inspection, Gordon west street street shuihu hero alliance, ai jiayi brigade rent and green hotel 5 hotels such as hotel room prices well with plain code marks a price, and are at the front desk to label and update of the prices of all kinds of guest rooms, including the green hotel guest room price range between $188 and $58.
Prices have also been announced at the Washington hot springs hotel along longkun south road, with rooms ranging from 80 yuan to 348 yuan.
In the process of inspection, the inspectors warned the hotel managers that during the college entrance examination, room prices should not be arbitrarily increased, integrity management.