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Sun jian: intercontinental group international hotel brands need in China 'to high-end'

Date: 2018-07-16

The difficulty of international hotel brands in China is how to make your brand more "soil" and "ground", the difficulties of the domestic hotel brand is, how to make the brand more "international" and "high-end".

Intercontinental hotel industry for decades of rapid development in China, with more than 30 years of time, opened more than 300 hotels in China, the total number of rooms, accounts for 12% of the global market, and the next five years, the number will be doubled, the total number of rooms will account for 30% of the world.Unlike in the past, leading high-end brand, the future of intercontinental, the main force in the Chinese market will be a price in 300-300 yuan only brand in the end, because we see China's middle class is on the rise.Hotel investment logic

The hotel's return on investment, in addition to operating earnings, and pull on the surrounding property values.

Sometimes developers in a good location to the government, will promise to build form a complete set of international 5 star hotel, in the rapid expansion of urbanization in the past 20 years, high-end hotel demand.But when the capacity gap, second-tier cities is up, the high-end hotels growth is slowing, at this time, three or four lines the dividend will stand out of the city.

In fact, hotel investment logic has never changed, even the brand in the end, also can give a property value.Cover the high-end or hotel in the end, basically see the local market consumption capacity.Faster instead if asset light output, in the absence of consumption ability areas forcibly open a five-star hotel, will destroy the credibility of the brand.This is also lead to a lot of international brand management and the owner the root cause of the "divorce".

For brands, do property selection must be carefully, in general, an average of ten property, we will only sign a.Principle is that the property must satisfy the requirement of the hotel brand hardware, has a good location, and the owner to have experience in hotel management.So, this is also the intercontinental and Hilton has compared in the end one of the reasons for the hotel - a five-star hotel, in the end for some lower the threshold of the property and location, thus rapidly sinking in the lower tier cities.

The biggest challenge for the hospitality industry

At present, five-star hotel management benefit is inferior to the peak in 2006, at that time, in Shanghai, for example, average house prices reached 1715 yuan, 26 five-star hotels occupancy rate of 70%.But in February 2018, the latest data show that Shanghai's five-star hotel occupancy rate is only 50.1%, the average price of 872.4 yuan/day.

In part reflects the industry overcapacity, of course, also related to other industries developing rapidly.In the 90 s, five-star hotel work very attractive, now, obviously less than that.

The hotel group, put forward higher requirements.With brand output, in particular, rapid expansion of the moment, can appear talent gap, this is the hotel group, one of the biggest challenges.Management to provide the talented person, must understand the brand culture and the Chinese market, so it is best to indigenous culture.At present, 70%, general manager of intercontinental group in China are Chinese native culture, but in general, in the end, general manager of the hotel spend three years from the grassroots culture, while the five-star in 10 years or so, but this rate compared to the past, is also more and more quickly.This is partly because talent shortage, on the other hand, a good education of young people is becoming more and more high to the requirement of promotion speed.In the future, will vigorously develop China local senior intercontinental group, to hire foreign workers to reduce wage costs.

In addition, for junior staff, the hotel industry trend of the future, should be "a hillock pluripotent", and through the demand of AI and other ways to reduce employees at the grass-roots level.Now, macau, sanya is China hotel personnel's lack of places, the response country the trend of opening to the outside world, believe the future will have more, from the Philippines, Vietnam and other regions of labor into the hotel market in China.