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Hotel how to increase guest satisfaction through improved service

Date: 2018-08-02

J.D. Power of 2018 north American hotel guest satisfaction index research report shows that the overall guest satisfaction at 8 o 'clock the higher than that of 2017, most is supported by a better product supply.

J.D. Power survey of seven key factors to determine the guest satisfaction, including reservation, check-in and check-out, guest room, restaurant, hotel facilities, the cost.J.d. power, however, deputy director of global travel and hospitality practice Jennifer said Corwin, check-in, check-out and food and beverage service is not like other areas to improve.

Corwin says most of the area increased by about seven or eight points;Some parts, such as product supply and hotel facilities, is the double digits.However, check-in and check-out of satisfaction only increased by five percent than last year.

She said: "this is a great progress, but still important, but when you see other areas increased 10-13 points, is not the case.""Now I also want to say, stay is A good link, so when you get from A to A + will be very difficult, but from C to B is much easier."

To create a seamless booking process

Gregory said at the time of check-in, to serve our guests well and understand what they are during the whole accommodation types of travelers and they stay at the hotel is indispensable.

When the guest has experienced a long distance to travel, and it is late at night, they don't want to hear all the hotel must provide something.They only need a very fast interaction, so that they can reach their own room."I think we can read the guest is obligatory."

On the other hand, if the hotel held a wedding party this weekend, you will need to provide the time needed for the experience level of striking contrast.

He added that the hotel operator should be realized that a good experience real start booking process.

He said: "website and technology must be user friendly, and they must respond."

J.D. Power's research shows that using brand channel reservation fell slightly last year the number of guests."We know that the direct booking hotel invested a great deal of money on advertising, we would like to see it pay off."

Back in 2015, she said that by the proportion of OTA bookings rose by about 1% a year.In 2018, she saw a 21% guests through OTAs booking, and 2015 is 17%.This is happening in and we know industry instead.There is a huge driving direction of direct selling, but it has not really insist on.

Crestline hotels and resorts, vice President of operations, Elizabeth Delens said that hotel operators whether booked directly or through a third party, can ensure that the guests have a good hotel.