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Tencent in collaboration with the French national museum A national treasure of the global digital museum

Date: 2019-01-31

France local time on January 30, tencent and the French federation of national museum in Paris grand palais signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation.Tencent will be based on "new" digital experience and ability, and the French federation of national museum in cultural exchanges, explore innovation of traditional cultural heritage.Signing ceremony on the same day, the two sides announced the launch of the "national treasure" global digital museum, such as "China xinwen gen" theme exhibition project.

Grieco tencent group vice President, said: "in the method of the 55th anniversary of the tencent very happy with the French national museum union reached a strategic cooperation.Federation of the French national museum is the patron of French art;Tencent as a company on the basis of the Internet technology and culture, is committed to promoting the innovation of traditional culture heritage, looking forward to cooperation for china-france culture exchange, mutual learning and global culture.Today, 'national treasure the global digital museum also officially launched, with the power of the Internet technology, let more people across the geographical restrictions at home and abroad, feel the beauty of the Chinese national treasure, the traditional cultural heritage to the next one thousand years."

Law culture art association chairman Patrick DAMBRON said: "tencent already understand and know how to solve the" pain points "for the development of museums and art institutions.It using Internet technology to regain vitality, cultural heritage has spurred youth generation actively give contemporary and traditional culture and art a new life and vitality."

The Chinese embassy in France the rank cultural counsellor shao-ping li participated in the activities, and points out that: "the tencent xinwen and theme exhibition came to the museum, showed the new look of Chinese literature and, in the form of dynamic, fashion, vitality of Chinese culture, through the exhibition, can let the audience in the appreciation of cultural relics represent the Chinese classical culture at the same time, feel the different atmosphere of contemporary China."

France's national ministry of culture of international affairs adviser Matthias GROLIER, France's national museum of federation chairman Chris Dercon, France ji beautiful Sophie MAKARIOU, chairman of the Asian art museum, museum of auspicious beautiful management committee honorary chairman, Chinese culture scholars Olivier Gerard, the Louvre museum, pompidou art museum, musee d 'orsay, Picasso museum in Paris Wen Bojie guests to visit the site, also witnessed the two sides reached a strategic cooperation.

The first batch of 25 pieces of high-quality goods to join the "national treasure" global digital museum of cultural relics

Signed a contract on the same day, tencent announced the launch of a "national treasure" global digital museum.As Asia's leading cultural institutions of the cultural relics, France, the United States made cooperation with tencent Asian art museum, the selection of 25 pieces of Chinese products as "national treasure" global digital museum of cultural relics of the first batch of digital collection.Meanwhile, yuan ji blue glaze white dragon grain mei bottle, jade pig dragon with a history of more than five thousand, is now the biggest animal in the world -- like a statue, liao dynasty life-size statue three-color arhats, west white tiger, etc in this column.

"National treasure" global digital museum launched by tencent, for top museums at home and abroad, especially the limited to the geographical, economic conditions, such as the broad masses of overseas of Chinese tourists to visit the museum.Authorization through cooperation, the collection of Chinese treasures cultural relics digital, online visitors just use your fingertips, you can through the tencent "museum officer" small programs, such as QQ browser display and transmission platform, understanding of cultural relics is introduced with the pictures show, beyond geographical restrictions enjoy national treasure handed down from ancient times.It is reported, its first collection will be held during the Spring Festival in the "natural history officer" small programs online, is a collection of information categories will further enrich the perfect.

French museums income young Chinese outstanding creative work

The two sides will work together to promote the China youth ideas onto the world stage.Has held seven consecutive terms of the Next Idea tencent innovation contest is a mining, inspired, cultivating and hatching young creative, activating the platform of traditional culture.2018 annual event in the introduction of the Forbidden City, dunhuang and other Chinese symbols, on the basis of the first time and collaboration of the French museums, such as the introduction of "Mona Lisa" IP overseas culture, and further enliven the creativity of the Chinese youth.

The signing ceremony, the French national museum federation announced the tencent Next Idea wen gen design competition jury prize works "silk road range map";Auspicious America income tencent Asian art museum Next Idea college game production udpse works "the fifth great inventions", and the glory of the dunhuang flying rock painting, these works in the future will have the opportunity to exhibit at the museum;Based on the Mona Lisa and the elements of a product, dunhuang will also enter the French museum and shop, let visitors from all over the world to experience the originality of the Chinese youth.

The French national museum's income tencent Next Idea, "the silk road range map" and design contest,

Among them, the theme board game "silk road range map" is based on the ancient Chinese game "range chart", in the hexi corridor, for regional background, in the tang dynasty classical story, for players to learn about the history of the silk road of dunhuang culture.Space puzzle game "the fifth great inventions" of design inspiration, from the mortise and tenon joint structure, traditional Chinese architecture for players to experience the charm of traditional architecture culture in the gaming experience.

China's new gen "theme exhibition in the museum was unveiled

As one of cooperation content, tencent with American Asian art museum on the eve of the Spring Festival, jointly launched "Chinese xinwen gen" theme exhibition, exhibition "Spring Festival" culture, Chinese youth IP based on the traditional culture of creative works, as well as the representative work of tencent fusion technology and traditional culture.

Exhibition site, the galleries in the Palace Museum, visitors will appreciate the "ancient paintings can sing" Next Idea music innovation contest of the birth of outstanding works, appreciate the artistic conception of ancient paintings and digital music in one thousand.Next article Idea contest of diffuse popular comic echoes of the imperial palace, and about the imperial palace during the war of resistance to protect national treasures and moving story;In dunhuang area, the "dunhuang poetry towel" based on the design to the mogao grottoes murals, details into 8 big theme elements, more than 200 elements, users can DIY design on WeChat small programs, also can produce into silk scarves physical wear New Year in, feel the beauty of dunhuang in our daily life.In "the inspiration of Chinese red -- rouge" exhibition, with color as the theme, deduce the traditional "China red" in the cultural creativity of the new energy;In the exhibition game, by the United States made the fifth great inventions of Asian art museum income also has carried on the display.

"Spring Festival history customs exhibition content is also rich, family, money, family reunion dinner, and tencent fusion in one thousand red culture and mobile payment pioneering" WeChat Lucky Money ", a series of interactive devices vividly shows the folk New Year, let the exhibition of overseas Chinese and foreign friends to experience the ancient and modern blend of China's annual and cultural connotations.