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Hotel dismal performance: is not this session of Canton fair, or hotel become a frog in the warm water?

Date: 2019-05-04

"(for hotel) that is the worst I've ever seen a session of the Canton fair."Guangzhou some foreign star hotel owner Linda a word hurt the heart of many hotels in guangzhou.

Canton fair, the full name "China import and export commodities fair", was founded in 1957, import exhibition officially set up in 2007, development has become the first of China's foreign trade promotion platform.In the past 62 years, as the largest domestic trade exhibition, Canton fair is not only the import and export trade bellwether, push on the development of guangzhou local tourism and hotel industry is also visible to the naked eye, become an important research of guangzhou city tourism development.

Thanks to the Canton fair, two season of spring and autumn every year the Spring Festival - during the May Day, National Day and New Year's day during the off-season, quality business customers to fill the gaps relative leisure tourism market.But in recent years, the Canton fair in guangzhou tourism, especially in the hospitality industry influence is weakened and all kinds of hotel full is no longer the norm, many hotels to adjust the business strategy: during the Canton fair from the pursuit of the average house price has increased, changes to the pursuit of occupancy.

Global tour - random chain and independent hotels in guangzhou city were investigated interview, most of the hotel owner issued a "Canton fair a year than a year".By the global economic slowdown, a trade war, increased international trade exhibition to business customers distribution, the influence of such factors as as Linda puts it, the hotel industry in the Canton fair this year the overall operating condition looks more bleak than in previous years.

But there are also in the hotel industry that radiation Canton fair to the early warning, combined with the rise of a variety of accommodation forms did not take the initiative to adjust operation strategy of hotel will hit, "why will become warm water frog" is the hotel should introspection.

This session of Canton fair, suffer from hotel occupancy rate

The spring Canton fair held from mid-april until early may, held in three periods.At the end of the first phase of the global tour - guangzhou hotel industry for the round of survey data.

The results of the survey is not optimistic imagination.Compared to the same period last year, thirty percent of the hotel said, hotel occupancy rate and the average house prices fell slightly;Even if there are more than half think hotel occupancy rate and the average house prices have gone up, also is the state of the "rose".

Linda said, compared to a year ago, the Canton fair for the hotel's overall demand is abate, in advance, many hotels are depend on the day of booking during the Canton fair, "but from April 16 to 18, open channel, a lot of foreign high star hotel on the day of the price adjustment, individual difference is bigger, visible all suffer from occupancy."

Is not only the foreign high star hotel, the Hilton huan friends CBD stores, located in the center of the pearl river new town, sports daily occupancy rate can reach more than 90%, but during the Canton fair this year fell to 85% occupancy rate, occupancy and average house prices last year were decreased.